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MCA is the nation's foremost motor club, providing members with emergency services since 1926. Unlimited road-side assistance, bail bonds, attorneys fees, and accidental death insurance are just some of the benefits. 

Whether you work from our Houston office or remotely, we provide all Sales Representatives with extensive on the job training, as well as: attractive bonuses, advancement opportunities & corporate retreats.

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Build your career at Motor Club of America, providing the most benefits in the Motor Club business. Motor Club of America is looking for talented, creative, and highly motivated individuals to help build our rapidly growing company. We provide an opportunity to experience the excitement, challenge, and rewards of working in an entrepreneurial environment.


At MCA, thousands of customers are now earning a part time or full time income referring others to join MCA independent associate or our Motor Club. Unlike most Motor Clubs, MCA matrix invest 100% of it’s advertising cost directly into it’s members. MCA does not invest in radio, television, print, or internet advertisements. Word of mouth advertising is the chosen format and it makes our customers happy to have extra income coming in by simply sharing our benefits with others.

The membership plans from MCA - Motor Club of America provide the service you deserve, and the peace of mind you most desperately want when the unexpected occurs at home, on the road or at the job. Your coverage is not only limited to roadside assistance, but you also have the added assurance of personal accidental coverage, emergency room benefits, discounts, dental care and vision care. Help is literally a phone call away.

MCA provides top notch customer service and a variety of packages to best suit your needs and budget. When you join MCA, you are in good company…over 7,000,000 motorists rely on MCA’s 86 years of experience to protect them.

When you purchase a Security plan from MCA, your coverage begins 24 hours after your payment has been processed. As a member, you're never locked into a contract. Members are welcome to cancel their accounts at any time, without any hidden or cancellation fees. Full refunds are granted within 72 hours, and half refunds are granted within 30 days of activating your membership.

In the family MCA affiliate program, there are many genders who are getting more than 100 new clients per day, which means you too could capture new clients and remember that the best way to do this is with marketing techniques and knowing how to sell.


MCA associates are high in demand. We are expanding across the United States & Canada . Your job as an independent associate is to promote our MCA Total Security Plan You also have the opportunity to grow your team and earn commissions, over rides, and a residual income. With MCA you will receive a great compensation, and benefits plan . Be your own boss, work independently, & control your own hours Complete the application process and if your qualified, your new life begins


MCA associates go to market prepared. Not only does our education program provide a comprehensive foundation - It's FREE, both to Associates and their entire staff. MCA's training & education includes products, technology, and sales techniques courses with your team leader. This can be in person, Skype, social media, or by phone. Most of our team leaders hold week conference calls and your always welcome to tune in to an hour of training. MCA has training groups of facebook with thousands of Associates.


MCA wants to work with you because you know the needs of your community. Together we will be able to use your knowledge and explode your business. Operate as an Associate in the field, or on the internet. The more exposure you have, the better your income will be. We teach you how to reach people nationwide. Use our company as a way to give back to those in your community by enrolling them on to your team and showing other this great opportunity.

Price: $19.95 Per Month
 - > but Earn $80.00 Per Referral 

Offers the same coverage as our Security & Security Plus packages with the following additional benefits:

  • Up to 100 miles of towing per service call 
  • Customer can pick any destination to have the vehicle towed
  • RV's, Motorcycles and trailers included with coverage up to $100.00

  • As a member, you may enroll, free of charge in one of three all accident AD&D coverage's to suit your needs:

    1. You, as named member, up to $50,000

    2. You and your spouse, up to $25,000 each, plus job retraining for the surviving spouse

    3. You up to $30,000, your spouse up to $15,000, and your children up to $3,500 each. Optional benefits include job retraining for surviving spouse, continuing child care and continuing education support.

    Coverage election form must be completed and returned to home office before coverage goes into effect.

Earn $80.00 Per Referral

Requires first and last months payment at checkout

Today's Total: $39.90

*Security Plan*

Price: $9.95 Per Month
- > but Earn $40.00 Per Referral

Offers the same coverage as our Security & Security Plus packages with the following additional benefits:

24 Hour Emergency Road Service and Towing

Unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance 

No out of pocket expense

Legal Defense Coverage

  • Pay up to $2,000 for your attorney
  • Up to $200 for covered Moving Violations
  • Up to $500 covered auto related personal injury matters
  • Up to $500 covered vehicle damage issue
  • Up to $2,000 for covered auto related Negligent Homicide or Vehicular Manslaughter

Arrest Bond Protection

$500 in cash appearance bond to give to the officer in lieu of taking your driver’s license or credit card

Earn $40.00 Per Referral

Requires first and last months payment at checkout

Today's Total: $19.90

but Earn $40.00 Per Referral

but Earn $80.00 Per Referral

Membership FAQs

Q: Can I cancel my MCA membership at any time?

A: Yes, you are not locked into a contract. You may cancel at any time, simply by calling the mca department.

Q: When am I eligible for Emergency Road Service and other MCA services?

A: Your membership is active as soon as you sign up, and you are eligible for road service 24 hours after your membership has been processed. Pre-existing road service issues are not covered by your membership.

Q: What is the process of using the roadside assistance?

A: Your mca benefit package will cover you when in need. You will receive a member ID card in the mail via US Postal Service within 10 business days. If you ever need assistance, please call the telephone number located on the back of your membership card. If you need emergency roadside assistance before your membership card arrives at your home, don't worry, we can still assist you with your member ID number provided to you as soon as you join. All members must wait 24 hours before they can use any of the roadside assistance benefits.

Q: How do I know when a tow truck is coming?

A: The mca team will be in contact with you through the entire process. Just describe your situation and your location, and we’ll be there to help.

Q: Does my mca cover multiple vehicles?

A: Yes it does, as long as the cardholder is present. We dispatch the best professional roadside service available to ensure quick service and to give you peace of mind.

Q: When will I receive my mca membership card?

A: You will receive an email and/or text link which will describe your membership benefits within hours of purchasing your membership. A membership card will be sent via parcel post. You should receive your card within 7-10 days after you sign up.

Q: What sets MCA (Motor Club of America) apart from the competition?

MCA offers a wide range of benefits that many motor clubs do not offer. Not only do we provide the quantity of benefits you and your family deserves, but we also provide the quality. How does unlimited roadside assistance sound? MCA will also provide you the opportunity to earn a great income from home, without the hassle of the normal 9 to 5 hiring process of a typical job. 

Q: As a member, how long would I wait before a tow truck assistant arrives to my location?

MCA offers the best turn around time in the Motor Club business. While traffic and weather could slightly increase your waiting time, we do the best we can to assist our customers within a 30 minute timeframe. 

Q: How long does it take before my membership is active and I'm covered?

It takes 24 hours for your membership to be activated. Just give us a call at (800) 227-6459 regarding any problem you may have with your disabled vehicle.

Q: Can MCA members save money in Hotels?

Of course Yes, Save everywhere you stay! As an MCA member, you can save at thousands of participating Hotel Group locations around the world, or resorts and discount vacation rentals with just the right surroundings! Your hotel discount is automatically applied when you book your reservation online or over the telephone.

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Save everywhere you stay! As an MCA member, you can save at thousands of participating Hotel Group locations around the world, or resorts and discount vacation rentals with just the right surroundings! Your hotel discount is automatically applied when you book your reservation online or over the telephone.

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